CONGRATULATIONS to our latest CERTIFIED COST PROFESSIONAL (CCP)   »  Adi Nugroho CCP, BP Migas, Jakarta, Indonesia | Adi Sunaryo CCP, TRIPATRA, Jakarta, Indonesia | Amalia Fatmawati CCP, Ericsson, Jakarta, Indonesia | Andy Yustian CCP, Vale Inco, Sulawesi, Indonesia | Anthony Onoriode Emaviwe CCP, Shell Petroleum Development Comp | Budi Prawira CCP, Nokia Siemens Networks, Jakarta, | Candra Nugraha CCP, BP Migas, Jakarta, Indonesia | Chanwai Lau CCP, Nokia Siemens Networks, Singapor | Eris Risuda CCP, Conoco Phillips, Jakarta | Farid Maloni CCP, Chevron, Kalimantan, Indonesia | Giwa, Abdul-Azeez Olanrewaju CCP, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp | Hari Kumar CCP, PT. Smartfren | Ibra Ufauwid CCP, Ericsson, Jakarta, Indonesia | Joel M. Friedman CCP, Maersk, Batam, Indonesia | Johnson Olugbenleke Awoyomi CCP, Nigerian National Oil Company | Karsten Isenbeck CCP, Nokia Siemens Networks, Jakarta | Made Wirayasa CCP, BP, Jakarta, Indonesia | Maneesuda Chamod (Nui) CCP, Ericsson, Bangkok, Thailand | Muhammad Irfan CCP, Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia | Ojo Omoniyi Abiola CCP, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Lagos, | SeeGod Meregini CCP, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Lagos, | Susi Susanti CCP, BP, Jakarta, Indonesia | Tony Emaviwe CCP, Shell Petroleum Development Comp | Totok Sugiarto CCP, Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia | Yayan Febrian CCP, SNC Lavalin, Jakarta, Indonesia | Yoyok Poerwedi CCP, Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia | Antonious Sitanggang CCP, TrubaIndo Coal Mining, Indonesi | Lucky Edjenekpo CCP, Exterran Nigeria Limited, Nigeri | Trian Asmoro CCP, Medco Energi Jakarta-Indonesia | Delano Irawadi CCP, Smartfren Telecommunications | ** CONGRATULATIONS to our latest EARNED VALUE PROFESSIONAL (EVP)  »  Aryamer Basrah EVP, VALE Soroako | Budi Prawira EVP, Nokia Siemens Networks, Jakarta, | Joel M. Friedman EVP, Maersk, Batam, Indonesia | Karsten Isenbeck EVP, Nokia Siemens Networks, Jakarta | ** CONGRATULATIONS to our latest PLANNING and SCHEDULING PROFESSIONAL (PSP)  »  Burhanudin PSP, Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | David Lawrence King PSP, Jakarta, Indonesia | Hari Kumar PSP, PT. Smartfren | Joel M. Friedman PSP, Maersk, Batam, Indonesia | Lukman Arif PSP, Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Yayan Febrian PSP, SNC Lavalin, Jakarta, Indonesia | ** CONGRATULATIONS to our latest CERTIFIED ESTIMATING PROFESSIONAL (CEP)  »  Monigha Idubamo Adogioye CEP, Shell Petroleum Development Comp | Tony Emaviwe CEP, Shell Petroleum Development Comp | ** CONGRATULATIONS to our latest CERTIFIED COST TECHNICIAN (CCT)  »  Brent Knox CCT, Vale Inco, Sulawesi, Indonesia | Yenny Buntarto CCT, Ericsson, Jakarta, Indonesia | ** CONGRATULATIONS to our latest Project Management Professional (PMP)  »  Cino Calfino PMP | Danny Dankua PMP | Erwin Indrawan PMP | Irwan Kadi PMP | Iwan S Hadikusumo PMP | Iyas Kusnadi PMP | Muhammad Agung PMP | Rakhmat Mulianto PMP | Reza Angga PMP | Vesal Hakim PMP |
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Weekly blog postings from our current class in Indonesia - Mercure AACE 2013 Earn Value Sample Question
Problem Definition Your team has been assigned to construct a road of 5.5 km including a bridge of 500m in 35 days. The total cost for the project is Rs. 35,000,000/- and the cost for constructing the bridge is Rs. … Continue reading → ...

Create New Baseline In the middle of Project (Re-Baseline)Scope changing study case
Problem Definition You are managing a project with a budget of 500 to be completed in 6 months. Due to various causes there have been substantial delays and cost overruns on the project and at the end of 3 months … Continue reading → ...

Dear All my friends which follow this blog, Currently I’m in rush to prepare my exam for CCP/CCE/CCEC AACE certification. My plan is to sit for exam best case in first week of September 2013, most likely second week of … Continue reading → ...

Leadership, Management, Situational Leadership
Leadership is a vast and important subject, yet full of confusing ideas and terminology, open to widely different interpretations. Leadership definitions and descriptions also vary enormously. Examples of leadership can be extremely diverse too. We lead when we manage a … Continue reading U ...

Volunteer_3_DI_Motivation/Incentives (Behavioral Science) Part V
The Blake Mouton Managerial Grid Balancing Task- and People-Oriented Leadership  Origin of The Managerial Grid (Leadership Grid), History. Built from the work of researchers at University of Michigan and Ohio State University, while acting as advisors to Exxon, Robert Blake … Continue reading ...

Weekly blog postings from our current class in Lagos, Nigeria - AACE Preparatory Class W26_Austin_Best Practice Earned Value Technique for Objective Performance Measurement
1.    Problem recognition, definition and evaluationEarned value techniques (EVT) are selected consistent with the way planned work is to be performed. EVM provides PMs with early warning of inadequate performance that allows them to take necessary corrective action before the project ...

W25_Austin_ Best Practice Network Technique for Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting
1.    Problem recognition, definition and evaluationProject managers are usually faced with decision environments in which there are a number of considerations and conflicting objectives such as minimizing the total project costs, meeting certain contract and delivery dates, conflicti ...

W24_Austin_Conflict Resolution in Project Management
1.    Problem recognition, definition and evaluationConflict in a program or project management is inevitable. Often, committed group members attempt to resolve group conflicts by actively communicating information about their conflicting motives or ideologies to the rest of the group ...

W23_Austin_Project Management Efficiency using Computer Applications
Dear Dr Paul,Please review case study and advice better approach carrying out this comparison and analysis. Excerpts from AACE forums/discussions website:    Problem recognition, definition and evaluationGood Project Management involves ...

W18_Reginald Nwachukwu_Implementing Earned Value Using MS Project 2007
1. Problem Definition or Opportunity Statement:To implement and use Earned Value technique on the construction of 27m length precast box culvert.To convey final approval for commence of works, it is required to develop a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) to integrate project scope of work, sche ...