Dear Colleagues,
Before we run off writing to our congressmen and women, I think we owe it to ourselves to see if we can grasp the nature of the problem(s).

Here is a short but very interesting explanation of the problem that I found fascinating.

Also, while the “Manifesto” sounds good, it seems to me to be short on anything concrete. If I am going to write to my elected officials at whatever level, I would be happy if they simply embraced Earned Value Management.

Given the antics of Blagojevich, Dashle, Geitner and even my own “Uncle Ted” Stevens, I can only wonder if the Chinese approach isn’t both warranted and appropriate- A firing squad, with the family being charged for the bullet.

While I certainly believe project management can help, I suspect the problems are far more fundamental and unless and until we fix those problems, project management alone will be of little help.