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Need To Evaluate ETHICAL Competencies?

Need To Evaluate ETHICAL Competencies?

I have been involved for several years with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) program to end corruption in construction projects.

In the most recent issue of Engineering News Record, I learned that two other highly regarded organizations are also jumping on this bandwagon.

Transparency International, the independent Berlin-based global watchdog, will launch its Project Anti-Corruption System (PACS) this December, and at the same time, the U.K.’s Dept. for International Development will use proj ects in Africa and Asia as pilots for its Construction Sector Transparency Initiative. It focuses on disclosing project costs at various stages of design and implementation.

Now, I am sure some of you are going to ask “what does this have to do with GAPPS?” My response is IF we are to be recognized as leaders, rather than followers, we need to be able to identify growing trends and jump on them BEFORE the competition does.

Clearly, corruption in ALL project management is systemic and in looking over the GAPPS competencies, we have nothing which specifically addresses the competencies associated with ethics.

Now, do we have to do this? And the answer is, probably not. But as leaders, is this something we SHOULD be doing, and I would propose to you the answer is a big YES!!! Especially if we are going to compete in the global marketplace, we need to be aligning ourselves with what business are saying, if not doing very well.

While we do reference ethics in Elements 1, 2 and 3, given the growing importance, shouldn’t we be considering raising the profile a bit more?

So my recommendation folks, is for the future, we consider expanding the elements to include more emphasis on ethical competencies as part of our assessment process, and in doing so, it makes it more likely we will attract the attention and support of leading corporations, countries like Singapore, Norway, Finland, Australia and other top ranked “clean” countries, as well as gain support for the NGO’s, Bi and Multi lateral lenders and Aid Agencies.

Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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