I hate to continue to harp on the same theme, but while I understand the focus of everyone on passing the PMP exam, I see precious little being written here about increasing the level of understanding and competency of project managers.

I just hope that everyone realizes that if you pass your PMP exam and don’t fully understand what you’ve learned in the context of actually running your projects better or more effectively, not only do you drag down the credibility of the PMP that you just worked so hard to get, but you also undermine the credibility of project management as a delivery system.

Bottom line- I would urge everyone in this forum to think long and hard about whether the objective should be passing your PMP as quickly and painlessly as possible or if the real objective should be learning how to better manage our projects, which, oh by the way, will enable us to pass the PMP (or any other) knowledge based credential.

Give it some thought…..