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Savannah Morning News
Duties: He will oversee residential real estate sales at the 900-acre master planned community and will manage the six-member sales team as well as serve in a project management capacity. Related work experience: More than 10 years of real estate sales
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Clinical Research – Clinical Project Manager Jobs in the UK
Pharma Times
Reporting to the Medical Affairs Manager, you will effectively support the Medical Affairs Manager in all areas of Project Management and Administration. The Clinical Project Manager will be required to co-ordinate work on multi-disciplined projects;
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Philippines can be Asia design hub, expert says
MANILA, PhilippinesThe Philippines has great potential to become Asia's auto design hub, as the country has the competencies for design, car development and project management, according to local vehicle prototyper Michel Motorsport.
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Study shows state's middle-class jobs not expected to grow
The Seattle Times
Wolfe studied project management at Bellevue College and geographic-information systems at Green River Community College, but didn't finish either program. Now, she acknowledges that she requires more formal training. "I need to go back to Bellevue and
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Sisters and Misters in Crime – the art, craft, and business of writing
Strategies is a San Diego firm helping writers with literary development, project management, and public relations. Kuritz began her talk by describing how she transformed herself from a new employee at Barnes and Noble with a love of books as her only
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New metal technology firm gets $1 million state grant
Chillicothe Gazette
In addition to being a lawyer since 2003, Shugart has studied mechanical and electrical engineering and worked as an engineering project management consultant. He will assist in managing the day-to-day work in the lab producing copper covetics.
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Ladies firearm and safety class
Slidell Sentry News
Fairwinds International, an engineering and construction project management company located in Covington, sponsored a ladies firearm and safety class Aug. 6. The class was held at Bass Pro Shop and given by NRA certified instructor, Gordon Hutchinson.
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US oil firm outlines 5 year Iraq plan
US based Defense Solutions, an international project management firm in the defence and energy fields has outlined the firm's 5 year growth plan that capitalizes on the firm's extensive opportunities in Iraq. Release of the business plan followed a
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