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Teaching 'Strategic Project Management' at University College London
ZDNet (blog)
By Michael Krigsman | November 11, 2011, 6:27am PST Summary: Although the technical aspects of project management are important, they are not sufficient to ensure real success. For that, we need a more strategic approach.
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ZDNet (blog)
Green Council questions contract with Project Management Group
Akron Leader Publications
By Emily Chesnic Green City Council decided at the Nov. 8 committee and regular meetings to table a proposed contract with Municipal Service Group Inc. for project coordination services so the agreement could be reworked to its liking.
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CMiC Unveils X Projects during 2011 Solutions Keynote Address
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
CMiC, the leader in creating open and advanced enterprise-wide software solutions for project based organizations, recently unveiled CMiC X Projects, a cloud based project management solution that electrifies the integrated project delivery (IPD)
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What The Bin Laden Raid Teaches About (Project) Execution
Fast Company
BY Kevin Purdy Today The Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden's compound was the ultimate lesson in project management. Here are four relevant lessons in planning, executing, and shifting on a dime. Chances are, your day's actions and decisions don't have
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Flow: The Task Management App Every Startup Should Use
Business Insider
We use task apps for personal chores and projects, project management tools with our coworkers, and various messaging services with our friends. We had to check multiple apps on multiple devices to answer the simple question of "what do I have to do
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You'll only add value when you understand business environment
Bldr, Chucks A. Omeife, FNIOB, CEO, Integrated Project Management Consult/Build Consults Ltd., President, Nigerian Institute of Building. In this chat with Saturday Vanguard Rising On The Job, he speaks from his years of experience as a management
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Work underway on large PV facility in California
Cooler Planet
Leaders from the engineering and project management company Bechtel, representatives from NRG Energy and SunPower and local dignitaries recently met to celebrate the groundbreaking of the California Valley Solar Ranch, which is one of the largest solar
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