About Us

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PT Mitratata Citragraha (PTMC) and our program,  the ASEAN Project Manager’s Center of Excellence (APMX). PTMC/APMX functions as one node in a global network of asset, portfolio, program and project management practitioner’s who function as a “Virtual Team”.

Through our network of top rated, globally recognized professionals,  the ASEAN Project Manager’s Center of Excellence is able to expand to meet  needs of our clients by providing “just in time” delivery of project management related professional services, without the overhead costs associated with large, traditionally organized professional services firms.

Our Vision

To earn the recognition and respect of our clients and peers as a global source of COMPETENT asset, portfolio, program or project management practitioners and professional services.

Our Mission

We support our vision by:

  • Identifying the latest “best practices” appropriate to asset, portfolio, program and project management wherever we may find them;
  • We do not subscribe to any single methodology, philosophy or body of knowledge
  • Developing experiential based  training to enable the transfer of these best practices to produce more COMPETENT asset, portfolio, program and project managers;
  • Delivering that training in a way that produces a favorable and measurable return on training investment to our clients;
  • Providing after training support to ensure organizational change through outsourcing or on-going mentoring programs;
  • Providing qualified extension of staff to augment, supplement and mentor in house practitioners.
  • Ensure that the tools and techniques taught through experiential learning are implemented correctly.

Our Values

While our experiential based training qualifies participants to sit for many certifications, including PMI’s PMP and the various AACE Certifications, we specifically do NOT believe in or support “teaching to the exams”.

Our belief is by teaching and mentoring practitioners in using the tools, techniques and methodologies and helping them become more competent, they will not only pass the various certification exams, but more importantly will generate a favorable return on their training investment.

Our History

PT Mitratata Citragraha and our program, the ASEAN Project Manager’s Center of Excellence (APMX), was founded in 1991 by Yani Suratman, with the original mission to provide Technology Transfer in Applied Project Management to Indonesian practitioners. The company has since grown to include 5 strategic alliance partners, 14 full or part-time associate partners, in support of over US$500 million dollars worth of projects. We service clients throughout South and Eastern Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America

Bilingual Expertise

We offer training, mentoring and facilitation in American English, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. All of our Associate Facilitators/Mentors have a minimum of 10 years field experience, hold degrees from Singaporean, Australian, American or other internationally accredited Universities, and all are Certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP), Certified Cost Consultants/Engineers (CCC/E) or other relevant specialty certifications. PTMC/APMX has on staff a full time, CERTA certified English as Second Language (ESL) consultant, who ensures that all training and mentoring materials conform to the best recommended practices for teaching mid-career path professionals who speak English as a second language.

Industries Serviced

Our associates all have “hands on” project management expertise in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Telecommunications, Generals Construction, Information Technologies; Airport, Airbase and Military Installations; Bridges, Highways, Roads and Infrastructure; Schools and Universities and Government building, Biotechnology and “Clean Room” projects, as well as “Good Governance” and social safety net projects funded by the World Bank, Asean Development Bank and UN.

Area of Operations

As we are centrally located in Jakarta, Indonesia, we are ideally situated to service Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and Papua New Guinea through our Jakarta Office. By way of Strategic Alliances with Universities, recognized individuals, subject matter experts and established vendors of asset, portfolio, program or project Management tools, we are able to provide professional services anywhere in the world.

Because all our associates are  independent contractors, we are able to react swiftly to any need or challenge our customers may face. To achieve this end, we have developed standardized yet flexible project delivery processes consistent with all capability maturity models, while implementing these methodologies using local people in deference to regional cultural, religious and social sensitivities.